This section contains functions which access the job management capabilities of HPCPortal.


Version: 1.0
Public calls: growl_jobs
Public modules: libjobs.a libgrowl.a
Other modules required: libgrowl.a, gSOAP v2.1.4
Date: 2004
Origin: Hand-Knitted Software, R.J. Allan, CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory
Language: C
Conditions on external use: Standard, see separate chapter
Workspace: internal workspace is allocated in all these routines by the gSOAP system for the long return string. This should be freed by the user when it is no longer required.
Use of globals: none
Other routines called directly: none
Input/ output: none

How to use the Package

This module is used by including the libgrowl.a library or the libjobs.a and libbase.a libraries. Publically callable procedures are listed here.

Specification of Jobs Module

Specification of growl_runclient

int growl_runClient(
                    char *sessionId, 
		    char *target, 
		    char *directory, 
		    char *environment, 
		    char *executable, 
		    char *arguments, 
		    char *response)

Argument List

char *sessionId
On entry: unique session key as returned from growl_getDelegation. See Chapter [*].

char *target
On entry: fully qualified dns name of the target computer.

char *directory
On entry: full directory path name in which the executable will run.

char *environment
On entry: any environment variables required to be passed to the target.

char *executable
On entry: full path name of the executable on the remote target.

char *arguments
On entry: and command-line arguments to be passed into tht executable.

char *response
On exit:

Information returned to the User

Integer, 0=success, !0=failure.

Error Returns

SOAP error message if there is a problem.


Parameters to this routine are passed to HPCPortal using a Web service remote method call. HPCPortal services are wrappers to Globus job submission (GRAM) which is used to invoke the executable on the target machine. Typically files should be uploaded first using GridFTP, se Chapter [*]. This includes stdin.txt. After execution is complete stdout.txt and stderr.txt can be retrieved from HPCPortal.


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