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Tool Name: Audio Conference Developer(s): Adrian Fish

Description of Tool Audio conference tool for Sakai
Origin of Tool Adrian Fish
Agreement with original Authors (please state process and nature of agreement) none required
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Platform used (please tick) JetSpeed2: uPortal: GridSphere: Liferay: eXo: CHEF (OGCE): Sakai: x StringBeans: Other:
Integration Technology used (please tick) JSR-168: WSRP: OKI OSID Service API: Other: TPP
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Integration signed off by Rob Crouchley
Date July 2005

Description of work undertaken during porting: I have done some work on an audio tool for Sakai using the JMF, just proof of concept at the mo really. The TPP tool extracts the IP addresses of currently logged-in users and passes them to an applet via its params. The applet then uses vanilla JMF to do the conference. I had to write an applet that sniffs the client's proper IP address and puts it into a hidden field in Sakai's login pages, and I also had to modify the login servlet to pull that IP address and overwrite the one currently in the DB.

My intention is to modify it to use Narada as and when I can get a TPP tool to dynamically generate and modify the conference (currently Narada uses a flat file containing IP addresses and needs a restart when it is modified) for worksite users. With good naming conventions for the conferences, this should enable any JMF client to join the conference.

Problems encountered: Authz issues tbd.

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Rob Allan