Portlets Alliance Tools Inventory

In the table below we will add information about tools which are under development. These tools are being developed by members of an informal Portlets Alliance, or are being integrated by them into portal frameworks using portlet interfaces, e.g. Sakai. Here is further information on the Portlets Alliance.

The tools which we have proposed to port include the following. We would like to hear from other developers who are porting the same or different tools so that we can include their information in these pages.

We are seeking to involve the National e-Science Centre, NeSC in hosting a portlet repository and the Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute, OMII in using Sakai similarly to how CHEF is being use for the US National Middleware Initiative.

Some downloads are currently available from here.

Table cells are colour coded: Pale orange means a tool or information is under development, pale green means that is exists, white means there is nothing available. A Red cell is for a tool where development has been abandoned as part of the QA procedure. We will put tools under development at the top of the list so you can easily see news of the latest work. This means that the further down the list you go, the more green areas should appear, and documentation too!

Narada Conferencing narada.html http://dsg.port.ac.uk/projects/VRE/nbportlet.php 21/6/06
Semantic Browser semantic.html http://dsg.port.ac.uk/projects/VRE/semportlet.php 21/6/06
Blog blog.html 24/3/05
Exchange Bridge exchange.html img 16/12/05
WSRP Consumer wsrp.html img 16/12/05
Forum forum.html 16/12/05
Audio Conference audio.html 7/12/05
Whiteboard whiteboard.html 7/12/05
Wiki rwiki.html 7/12/05
Resource Searcher searcher.html 25/7/05
Service Registry uddi.html 14/7/05
JAFER jafer.html www.hull.ac.uk/esig/cree/portlets.html 12/7/05
GetRef getref.html www.hull.ac.uk/esig/cree/portlets.html 12/7/05
HEIRPORT heirport.html www.hull.ac.uk/esig/cree/portlets.html 12/7/05
Google google.html www.hull.ac.uk/esig/cree/portlets.html 12/7/05
Negociation markets.html http://www.lesc.imperial.ac.uk/projects/markets.html 12/7/05
Payment payment.html http://www.lesc.imperial.ac.uk/projects/markets.html 12/7/05
LDQ Upload ldq.html 1/7/05
Certificate Upload cert_upload.html 11/2/05
Desktop FTP desktop_ftp.html 11/2/05
Grid Job monitor job_monitor.html 11/2/05
MDS LDAP Browser mds.html 3/2/05
Grid Proxy Manager myproxy.html 3/2/05
Grid Job Submission gram.html 3/2/05
Grid FTP gridftp.html 3/2/05
Wiki xwiki.html www.xwiki.org 12/1/05
Chat chat.html http://www.sakaiproject.org 13/9/04
CopperCore coppercore.html coppercore.org 13/9/04
Discussion discussion.html http://www.sakaiproject.org 13/9/04
InfoPortal infoportal.html InfoPortal 13/9/04
IRC irc.html 13/9/04
Schedule schedule.html http://www.sakaiproject.org 13/9/04
Resources resources.html http://www.sakaiproject.org 13/9/04
Web Content web.html http://www.sakaiproject.org 13/9/04