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Tool Name: PortalBridges Developer(s): Rahim Lakhoo, ACET, AMG University of Reading

Description of Tool The integration of legacy applications into portals.
Origin of Tool PortletBridge.org, php-java-bridge.sourceforge.net
Agreement with original Authors (please state process and nature of agreement) TBC
License applicable Apache License Version 2.0
Platform used (please tick) JetSpeed2: uPortal: GridSphere: x Liferay: eXo: CHEF (OGCE): Sakai: x StringBeans: Other: Pluto 1.01
Integration Technology used (please tick) JSR-168: x WSRP: OKI OSID Service API: Other:
In repository? (note discussions with NeSC and status

Status: frozen Download: http://acet.rdg.ac.uk/projects/vre/download.php

With OMII? (note discussions with OMII and status


Integration signed off by Mark Baker

Description of work undertaken during porting:

The aim of this work is provide a means for legacy script-based web applications to be used as a portlet. In this instance we use PHP based applications and a combination of the PortletBridge-portlet and the PHP-JavaBridge.

The PHP - JavaBridge provides a runtime environment for PHP based applications in a servlet container, such as Apache Tomcat. The portletbridge-portlet provides a generic means to render a web page into a portlet. Using this combination it is possible to integrate script-based, non-Java, web applications into a portal.

Problems encountered:

Sakai VRE reports available from http://acet.rdg.ac.uk/projects/vre/docs.php. System documentation and details are available from http://acet.rdg.ac.uk/projects/vre/portalbridges.php.

Ongoing support issues:

Tool use case:

Institutes and organisations are typically forced to re-implement existing software in Java, to work with portal/ portlet technologies. The software development needs to be forked for this to occur. In other instances, organisations have a large user base for existing software and do not wish to re-train their users/ staff. The technique of using the portletbridge-portlet allows existing applications to be ported into a portlet, with little or no modification.

Help information for tool users:

Technical reports, presentations, installation guides and manuals are available from

Here is the login and details for the portal with the bridging portlets.

address: http://portals.rdg.ac.uk:8447/gridsphere Login: demo Password: sc06demo

Google portlet: Back button works with Safari and Konqueror, GridSphere issue with firefox. Back button works with firefox and Pluto portal.

GuestBook portlet: Sign peoples names in, as norm.

BibAdmin portlet: Search works, logos have been changed, otherwise looks/works fine.

FhImage Gallery: Pictures, just click them.

This is the portalbridge working in Pluto, http://portals.rdg.ac.uk:8450/pluto/portal/portletbridge-portlet

Rob Allan 2006-12-28