Quality Control Form - Sakai Demonstrator Project

Tool Name: Whiteboard Developer(s): Adrian Fish

Description of Tool Interactive whiteboard
Origin of Tool Lancaster University Centre for e-Science (LUCeS)
Agreement with original Authors (please state process and nature of agreement) Tool developed under Sakai VRE Demonstrator project
License applicable TBD
Platform used (please tick) JetSpeed2: uPortal: GridSphere: Liferay: eXo: CHEF (OGCE): Sakai: x StringBeans: Other:
Integration Technology used (please tick) JSR-168: WSRP: OKI OSID Service API: Other: TPP
In repository? (note discussions with NeSC and status Status: in demonstrator Download: no
With OMII? (note discussions with OMII and status Status:
Integration signed off by Rob Crouchley
Date July 2005

Description of work undertaken during porting:

Problems encountered:

Ongoing support issues:

Tool use case:

The Whiteboard allows a group of worksite users to collaboratively draw and manipulate shapes on a canvas.

All participants receive the shapes from every other participant, so everybody have the same vision of the canvas being possible any manipulation like moving, scaling, deleting by any user. The tool has a locking mechanism in order to prevent the manipulation of the same shape by to different participants simultaneously.

With this tool is possible to draw basic shapes, arrows, text and showing images.

Main features


Help information for tool users:


Rob Allan 2006-12-28