Quality Control Form - Sakai Demonstrator Project

Tool Name: WSN Portlet Developer(s): Rahim Lakhoo

Description of Tool The Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) portlet, which generates graphs from results gathered by wireless sensors.
Origin of Tool ACET, AMG, University of Reading
Agreement with original Authors (please state process and nature of agreement)  
License applicable LGPL
Platform used (please tick) JetSpeed: uPortal: GridSphere: x LifeRay: CHEF (OGCE): Sakai: Other:
Integration Technology used (please tick) JSR-168: WSRP: OKI OSID: TPP:
In repository? (note discussions with NeSC and status

Status: frozen Download: http://acet.rdg.ac.uk/projects/vre/download.php

With OMII? (note discussions with OMII and status


With Sakai? (note discussions with Sakai and status


Integration signed off by  

Description of work undertaken during porting: The aim of this work is to provide a GUI interface for Soil Scientists to generate graphs of the information gathered from wireless sensors.

Problems encountered: Sakai VRE reports available from http://acet.rdg.ac.uk/project/vre/docs.php. System documentation and details are available from http://acet.rdg.ac.uk/projects/vre/wsnportlet.php

Ongoing support issues:

Tool use case: To provide a portlet interface for analysing and displaying data gathered by wireless sensors for Soil Scientists.

Help information for tool users: Technical reports, presentations, installation guides and manuals are available from http://acet.rdg.ac.uk/projects/vre/docs.php. Image of portlet: http://acet.rdg.ac.uk/bin/projects/vre/images/wsn.png, http://acet.rdg.ac.uk/bin/projects/vre/images/wsn2.png

Rob Allan 2007-08-01