Quality Control Form - Sakai Demonstrator Project

Tool Name: WSRP Consumer Developer(s): Xiaobo Yang

Description of Tool WSRP consumer: a tool for consumption and rendering of remote portlet markup.
Origin of Tool Grid Technology Group, CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory
Agreement with original Authors (please state process and nature of agreement) Tool developed under Sakai VRE Demonstrator project
License applicable TBD
Platform used (please tick) JetSpeed2: uPortal: GridSphere: Liferay: eXo: CHEF (OGCE): Sakai: x StringBeans: Other:
Integration Technology used (please tick) JSR-168: WSRP: x OKI OSID Service API: Other: WSRP4J and Sakai TPP
In repository? Status: in demonstrator Download: no
With OMII? (note discussions with OMII and status Status: Proposal submitted to Portlet call includes converting this to a JSR-168 portlet
With Sakai? (note discussions with Sakai and status Status: WSRP tool is a Sakai contribution for release in v2.4.
Integration signed off by Rob Allan
Date 13/12/06

Description of work undertaken during porting:

It has been tested with various WSRP producers. Using WSRP4J to create a WSRP consumer to import JSR-168 portlets hosted remotely.

Problems encountered:

Still some issues exist with some of the producers but with WSRP4J we can do whatever we want because we have the source code. To show the Grid tools again it's the firewall issue. The WSRP consumer has to contact the WSRP4J producer which is currently deployed on rjavig2 (not accessible from rhine). We may deploy our WSRP4J producer on thames so that it is accessible from rhine.

Ongoing support issues:

Tool use case:

Picture of GridFTP portlet exposed via WSRP consumer.


Help information for tool users:

Rob Allan 2006-12-28