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Tool Name: Blogger Developer(s): Adrian Fish and Miguel Gonzalez

Description of Tool Weblog tool for Sakai
Origin of Tool Adrian Fish and Miguel Gonzalez
Agreement with original Authors (please state process and nature of agreement) none required
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Platform used (please tick) JetSpeed2: uPortal: GridSphere: Liferay: eXo: CHEF (OGCE): Sakai: x StringBeans: Other:
Integration Technology used (please tick) JSR-168: WSRP: OKI OSID Service API: Other: TPP
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Integration signed off by Rob Crouchley
Date February 2006

Description of work undertaken during porting:

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Tool use case:

The Blogger is a tool that allows the creation of journals that are available on the web. The information written in the Blogger is instantly published in the Web site, so it is available virtually wherever the potential readers are and whenever they want.

The way of using the Blogger depends of each user, but normally the Blogger is used to contain updated daily information that the user wants either to make available to other users in their work group or make accessible anywhere and at any time.

The information?s natures can vary tremendously, from a log of your daily job to general ideas that you want to share. This information will be published in a chronological order. However, the Blogger is not a chronological order of information. It is a tool that facilitates the management of knowledge. With the Blogger you can store links to other web pages, files and pictures; it also provides a search mechanism which makes it easy to track and find any published information.

The Blogger is not just a personal blog. It is a team-oriented blog. That means that all the information you publish to the team blog can be revised, modified and appended to by any member of your team. All your team members can also add comments to any blog entry.

From now and onward, you and your team can enjoy the advantages of this collaborative tool, publishing, sharing and managing all the knowledge generated in your daily activity.

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Rob Allan