Sakai VRE Demonstrator

The original Sakai VRE Demonstrator project was funded by JISC from 2005-2007. It will finish in June 2007 and changes will be made to this site. We are already developing plans to sustain this work, both to continue working with the Sakai development team on framework improvements (WSRP and JSR-168) and tools and to extend its user community.

In order for this work to continue therefore, Sakai will be deployed as the principal portal framework to establish a Virtual Research Environment for the following communities:

The rest of this page documents the current project.



Sakai VRE Project Final Report [PDF]

VRE Movie JISC video showing Sakai used in VRE-1 Programme. You will need to download this and play it using a suitable application.

Sakai v2.4.0 has been released. The Sakai VRE Demonstrator will be upgraded to this version very soon.

Sakai 2.3 User Manual [PDF]

New Web site for the Agora Conferencing Tool

JA-SIG Sakai/ uPortal Conference, Atlanta. Christian Frenau and Miguel Gonzalez will both make presentations on their work.

NGS Portal v1.0 has been released. The Sakai VRE Demonstrator will link to the new portlets soon using WSRP.

Portals and Portlets 2006 - NeSC, July 17-19th 2006. Talks are now on-line.

NCeSS Grid Winter School - Manchester 3/3/06
Adrian Fish and Miguel Gonzalez presented their collaboration tools at the workshop [PPT]. Other presentations are on-line.

JSR-168 and WSRP Workshop - held in Portsmouth 18-19th January.
All VRE projects invited. Presentations are now on-line.

Sakai Conference, Austin, Texas - 6/12/05
Adrian and Miguel presented their collaboration tools at the Sakai conference [PPT].

Sakai Framework

Some extensions to the Sakai collaboration and content management framework were proposed. Information is provided in published papers.

Sakai Framework and Tools

The major part of this work is concerned with porting open source tools into the Sakai framework for user evaluation as a Virtual Research Environment. Some extensions to the framework are also included here. These include: Shibboleth Integration; Web Services for Remote Portlets; Agora Communication Technology; JSR-168; Web Bridging Technologies; and Groupware Bridging Technologies. See tools page.

Sakai e-Research Community

The Sakai Alliance is a loose collection of individuals interested in Sakai and tools development and related portal frameworks for research-related purposes. See background here.

More Background


This project is funded by JISC. See also Building Collaborative e-Research Enviroments.

Additional funding has been provided by ESRC for use of Sakai in the ESRC e-Infrastructure.

Sakai Portal sites

The partners in the JISC-funded Sakai VRE Demonstrator project are Lancaster, Daresbury, Oxford and Portsmouth. The Sakai project home site is at University of Michigan.

We are hosting a public demonstrator on the server (see below) currently using Sakai 2.3.0 under the "Sakai Demonstrator" area. To see demonstrations you can also log on using account "guest" and passwd "demo". More tools are currently being tested and will be added in soon. N.B. This is a live production portal with around 250 users, and not just a demonstration site!

SiteLocal WebPortal

To log onto the Reading GridSphere demo please use id=demo, passwd=sc06demo

We also administer some collaboration tools for the e-Research programme as a whole, namely a Sakai worksite, a Wiki and a JISCMAIL list.

SiteLocal WebPortal
Sakai e-Research site
e-Research Wiki

Some other portal sites are also listed where we are contributing.

SiteLocal WebPortal
Integrative Biology
ESRC e-Infrastructure tbd
HPCPortal v4.0