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The centre for e-Science in Lancaster University (UK) has released this week (12/2/07) the first beta version of Agora, an online meeting tool integrated in Sakai.

This tool features:

This very first beta version can be installed easily in any Sakai server (2.2 or above). For running the clients it is necessary windows XP or 2000 (we are preparing versions for Linux, Windows Vista, and Mac but it will take a while).

As a beta version, this is a testing version. We are looking for people for helping us in finding bugs, giving us comments, critics and suggestions. Also it would be nice if developers with skills in graphics programming, JNI, Quicktime for java, JMF, experience with codecs, etc. will collaborate with us in this open source project.

Also, in this testing and continuous improving process we would like to keep in contact as much as possible with the collaborators in order to maximize the value of the feedback.

All the information about Agora can be found in (This page is changing almost everyday with updated information) There you can find the binary files for downloading and installing. Source code will be available next week (we need to solve little issues with licensing - very likely it will be Apache 2.0 licence) and copyrighting.

For any doubt or comment please contact us.

Regards, Agora Team

Other Tools

Other tools, such as WSRP Consumer, DMS and Sakai Map are being added to the Sakai contributors repository and will be considered for future release.


Some modules, e.g. Agora, may use the Apache license. This may change.

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