Sakai Applications: e-Infrastructure


NW-GRID is currently using Sakai for its project management. There are Sakai worksites for the Technical Board and Operations Board. We are creating a Sakai worksite for users.

For more information, see the NW-GRID Web site.

Activities and Deliverables to follow.

ESRC e-Infrastructure

A comprehensive user interface is required for the various services to be deployed on the e-Infrastructure. This could be command line/ script based, a programming function library to link into desktop applications, or Web browser based. The GROWL toolkit will be used for the former two cases. Here we will provide Web interfaces capable of being integrated into a wide variety of portal frameworks alongside other familiar tools. We will provide a CD-based portal toolkit which projects (e.g. at the nodes) can install themselves. This will include a number of tested portlet interfaces to the e-Infrastructure, including job submission on NW-GRID and NGS and resource discovery. We will then work with node and other project staff to develop application-specific portlets for their research. An alternative to local installation will be to host portlet-based tools in a centrally hosted portal at the NCeSS hub or at CQeSS on the Daresbury BladeCenter attached to NW-GRID.

Activities include:

  1. Deploy uPortal and Sakai as required (initially CQeSS, NCeSS, MOSES);
  2. Provide CD with portal toolkit;
  3. Provide a 1-day course for portal developers and users in collaboration with ReDRESS and NGS Training Group;
  4. Collect user requirements;
  5. Work to help developers understand how to write portal interfaces;
  6. Help to develop application-specific portlets for nodes and other projects.

Deliverables include:

The UK research community is particularly active in using portal technology to support collaborative activities and end-user access to distributed resources in an e-Infrastructure. Some portal development work currently funded by the JISC VRE and e-Science programmes will be used to provide a portal platform for the ESRC e-Infrastructure.

This work will build on the work being undertaken by CQeSS. CQeSS will work with application developers and data providers to create portal interfaces (using established standards, Java JSR-168 and WSRP) for the tools and services used and produced by NCeSS Hub and Nodes. These interfaces will be designed to meet appropriate usability requirements. Additional services will be provided to host portals as interfaces to the e-Infrastructure at CQeSS and on the NCeSS Hub. The preferred framework is Sakai1 + uPortal2, but other frameworks such as GridSphere, LifeRay or eXo could be used if preferred, or commercial platforms such as Oracle, Sun, BEA or WebSphere.

CQeSS partners (Lancaster/ Daresbury) will share expertise and work together to set up the portal framework and establish a repository of re-usable portlet interfaces as part of these ongoing activities. This can include existing open source collaboration and Grid tools developed by the UK community, such as those already in use on the NGS.