Below is a list of all of the modules/software installed across the Core Nodes. Some of the modules are installed on all nodes, whilst others may be specific to certain nodes.


Name Leeds Manchester Oxford RAL
acrobat/5.0.8 X X X
bonnie/1.03a X X X
cluster-tools/0.9 X X X
cluster-tools/1.1 X X
clusteradmin/0.1.1 X X X
clusteruser X X X X
dlpoly/3.01 X X
dot X X X X
fftw/2.1.5-gnu X X
fftw/2.1.5-intel X
fftw/3.0.1-gnu X X
fftw/3.0.1-pgi X
fluent/1.0.0 X
gaussian03 X
gits/1.4 X
globus/2.4.3 X X X X
gm/2.0.8 X X X X
grace/5.1.13 X
grace/5.1.14 X
grace/5.1.17 X
gromacs/3.1.4 X
gromacs/3.2.1 X X X
gsl/1.6 X
hdf5/1.6.2-gnu X
hdf5/1.6.2-gnu-mpi X
hdf5/1.6.2-intel X
hdf5/1.6.2-intel-mpi X
hdf5/1.6.2-pgi X
hdf5/1.6.2-pgi-mpi X
hdf5/1.6.3 X
intel-compiler/7.1 X X X X
intel-compiler/8.1 X X
intel-math/6.1 X X X X
java/IBMJava-1.4.2 X X
java/IBMJava2-141 X
java/SunJava-1.4.2 X X
java/Sunj2se-141 X
matlab-runtime/7.0 X
module-info X X X X
modules X X X X
mpiblacs/1.1-intel X
mpiblast/1.2.1 X X
mpiblast/1.3.0 X
mpich/ X X X X
mpich/ X X X X
mpich/ X
mpich/ X X X X
mpich-gm/1.2.5..10-gnu X X X X
mpich-gm/1.2.5..10-intel71 X X X X
mpich-gm/1.2.5..10-intel81 X
mpich-gm/1.2.5..10-pgi X X X X
mute/1.9.5 X X X
nagios/1.1 X X X
namd/2.5-intel X X X
namd-mpi/2.5-intel X
ncbiblast/2.2.6 X
ncbiblast/2.2.10 X
netcdf/3.6.0 X
null X X X X
pacman/2.121 X
pbs/5.3.3 X X X X
pgi/5.0 X X X X
pgi/5.1 X X X X
rasmol/ X
root/v4.00.08 X
root/v4.00.08e X
scalamake-intel X
scalapack/1.7 X
siesta/1.3-intel X
siesta/1.3-pgi X
siesta-mpi/1.3 X
srb/2.1.2 X
srb/3.1 X X
srb/3.2.1 X X X X
superodoctor/1.2.016 X X X X
szip/1.1-gnu X X X X
szip/1.1-intel X X X X
szip/1.1-pgi X X X X
totalview/6.3.0-1 X X X X
use.own X X X X
vasp/4.6-intel X X X X
vasp/4.6-pgi X X X X
version X X X X

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