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The CompreHensive collaborativE Framework (CHEF) project is developing a flexible environment for supporting distributed learning and collaborative work, and carrying out research.

This project is staffed by members of the University of Michigan School of Information, Media Union and Medical School. The developers are working closely with and are contributing to the OKI reference architecture from the Mellon Foundation and are collaborating with other groups interested in open source collaboration standards.

Target user communities include those involved in the scholarly activities of teaching, learning and research at the University of Michigan, and their students and colleagues involved in teaching, learning and research that are outside of the Michigan community.

CHEF is aimed at making available a set of functional elements that can be easily configured by users to accomplish a wide variety of activities. This framework supports existing and emerging capabilities, and seeks to make the integration of new functionality as easy as possible. It provides organization for the disparate functionality used to support research, collaborative and learning activities and combines locally developed, commercial off the shelf and free off the shelf components including various tools which have been found to be widely useful.

There is much commonality in the needs and tools used by people in the communities identified and the CHEF developers have seen the emergence of frameworks for user configurable toolset delivery. CHEF mobilizes that experience in the effort to develop a comprehensive framework to support these activities, and to make this framework available for wide use.

The following table shows some existing projects using CHEF:

Project Location Status
in the UK
InfoPortal v3.0 Daresbury migrating tools
e-HTPX Daresbury evaluating and developing portlets initially as JSPs
NGS Daresbury porting HPCPortal and OGCE tools
in the USA
CMCS PNNL using with Ecce meta-data tools
BioGrid   using
Alliance Grid Indiana using with Xportlets
NPACI Grid Texas using with HotPoage GPIR
  U. Michigan WTNG and CTNG tools migrating to Sakai
  MIT tools migrating to Sakai
  Stanford tools migrating to Sakai
  Indiana tools migrating to Sakai

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Rob Allan 2005-05-09