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Some collaboration portlets available include:

$\bullet$ Login/ Logout - as it says on the tin
$\bullet$ Membership - join/ unjoin from workspaces
$\bullet$ Schedule - calendar for workspace
$\bullet$ Resources - resource list and links
$\bullet$ News - news service
$\bullet$ Discussion - threaded discussion service
$\bullet$ Chat - online chat room
$\bullet$ Anabas - join and participate in Anabas Impromptu collaborative session via applets
$\bullet$ Newsgroup (Read/ post) - topic-based threaded newsgroup tool using Indiana XML schema
$\bullet$ Newsgroup (Request) - request a new topic
$\bullet$ Newsgroup (Admin) - for admins only!
$\bullet$ Bibtex (Read/ edit) - add/ edit entries in Bibtex topics for shared authorship of reference lists. Uses Indiana XML schema
$\bullet$ Bibtex (Request) - request new Bibtex topic
$\bullet$ Bibtex (Admin) - for admins only!
$\bullet$ Bibtex (Super Admin) - for super admins only!
$\bullet$ Customize - chose which tools you want in the workspace, edit portlet layouts etc.

Rob Allan 2005-05-09