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Evaluation Report Part 2: Developer and User Feedback

This report focuses on issues of ease of administration, user management, customisation, etc. The body of this report is provided in Appendix B.

During the time frame of this evaluation exercise, we have had dialogues with a large number of people engaged in state of the art research in e-Science projects funded via the Research Councils, Core Programme or DTI. Many have been supportive to the idea of using portal interfaces and of developing a VRE encapsulating wide-ranging functionality. In fact there is no doubt that a VRE building on, and extending the capabilities of the current Grid and using Web services is a high-priority goal for many areas of applied research. Collaboration tools are high on the list of desireables. Portals are one means of delivering the fuctionality of this VRE, but additional requirements for lightweight toolkits have also been expressed by several groups [60,58,59,62].

Rob Allan 2005-05-09