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Evaluate new Work

Ongoing technology watch for related projects, e.g. by liaison with GGF Grid Computing Environments research group, JCLT VLE groups, FPVI EGEE project developers, etc.

We have evaluated and tested by writing simple portlet examples the Java WSRP4J package to export to a Swing client and to export a portlet developed with Sakai to a uPortal client for rendering.

We have investigated the use of WSRP with Perl, but there are currently no tools available. The fact that SOAP::Lite has not been updated recently would also mean that the Perl SOAP support needed to ingest WSDL from a WSRP service is lacking. A similar situation is still apparent for C producers and consumers meaning that, although WSRP is claimed to provide a language-agnostic portlet interface, it is at present not very useful. Whilst WSRP4J does however provide a bridge for Java clients and services, it is still evolving.

Rob Allan 2005-05-09