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Rolling Items:

  • New List:

  • Generic statement "The CCPi software and novel methods allow reconstruction from highly undersampled and corrupted by acquisition artifacts tomographic projection data. Through efficient implementation and parallelisation strategies, the CCPi software now provides fast and reliable access to reconstructed data and image analysis for material science."
  • "CCPi software has made ice-cream taste nicer! CCPi Flagship code has been essential to process and resolve higher spatial and temporal resolutions for X-Ray CT; only possible through the use of iterative algorithms now incorporated within the CCPi toolkit. Extreme physical situations have allowed us to do 4D imaging for alloys; resolving dendritic processes; as well as 4D imaging for ice-cream resolving crystallisation processes; both never seen before in such detail." DK https://authors.elsevier.com/c/1XB7wxKH1sGjb
  • "Tomography has a 'future' Exa-scale computing problem to combine time and space in one iterative reconstruction computation process - resulting data set alone will be a dense 24 bit grey level 4k^{4} array - continuous temporal data capture involving infinite scan samples systems with a golden angle lab setup is a CCPi achieved milestone allong this route; Parmesh Gajjar's work in this now allows us to do fast time lapse crystal growth studies in the lab." MT Paper, videos and data sets being released https://zenodo.org/record/1204088#.WyDM6PkRDLk

Need quotes from

  • DLS and
  • ISIS

An issue from CGLS etc from MXIF (12/6/18) is a need for speed in comparison to FBP techniques.

New List:

  • Publications here: https://epubs.stfc.ac.uk/search/result?q=keyword%3Accpi*&sortby=year&order=desc
  • ...
  • ... old ones
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