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CCP Data Sets

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See below (bottom of page) for some instructions for uplading your datasets.

Tomographic Data for Touch Tables

Data sets for Drishti Prayog enabled touch-tables.

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Upload Instructions

Thanks to Sophia for the first version of instructions to the community:

Store your data in the clouds:

First things first: Create free cloud storage accounts (or empty your current ones). These could be OneDrive, GoogleDrive etc. I recommend these two as they seemed more stable than others. I got lucky as i managed to squeeze in 15.7gb of data (yes, the limit is 15gb!) but it only involved failing uploads quite a few times. You can also pay for more storage (nearly did this for my google account, it’s pretty cheap as well) but did not need to in the end.

Of course if there is a server the Zenodo guys can download your data from (not sure if Diamond has one for external, non-users to download from), then the first step is unnecessary. Just share the link with them.

First Zenodo steps:

Create an account on Zenodo.

Email the Zenodo user support group: info@zenodo.org

In your email, explain to them that you have a series of large dataset you’d like to upload (so I had 6 that needed uploading under the name SophiaBeads Datasets Project). Obviously, if you require separate DOIs, I suggest you send them separate emails explaining what each of item is about (so they don’t mix them up when uploading, or collect them together under one DOI).

Be as descriptive as possible about the files (as in, the links to download them from and how big they all are in size). Once they are all downloaded, they send you the md5 checksum results for each file so you can verify that they have the correct files and make sure that nothing went wrong!

They also send you the DOI and the Zenodo link for your files. They are very quick with this, and after all the uploading problems i had with the free cloud storage services, this part seemed extremely smooth.

What if you have data less than 2GB in size...

IF you have files less than 2GB in size, you should just try uploading them using the website (this is probably not the case but still important to keep in mind!)

You can do this by clicking the Upload tab > Choose files… button > select the data folder.

HOWEVER, if you try to upload a few files <= 2GB at the same time and they fail, leave it and get in touch with them immediately. The first thing I tried was to break my large dataset into subfolders of <=2GB but they kept failing to upload. I repeated the uploading steps and it ended up with their system refusing all user uploads since they have an upload limit of 100GB on their servers (before the uploads are approved) and there were a lot of users uploading material at the time (50gb of that was mine!!) They did say that this limit is something they are working on to improve but I think it is still there.

After the upload:

Once your files are uploaded, they will be listed on Upload > My uploads section on the right.

Clicking on your submission will take you to the preview of your upload, where at first all the fields will be completely empty. The final step is just filling in the fields on this page and save + view. You can always modify the information on here.

 -- MartinTurner - 08 Apr 2015
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