Rolling Items:

  • SCD Highlights article - “Touching Tiled Displays: experiences from the Visualisation Group in designing, building and installing interactive systems” (due 4/9/15 SN)
  • Wi-WON seminar (MT) for 28/10/15
  • Drishti/prayog - interactive subgroup (Action MT to email) liaise with Kate Meade

  • ToScA leaflets:- southampton; QMUC ...
  • YouTube - login access: Action SN
  • update CCPPETMR wiki to be updated: MT
  • website for CCP: MT
  • Liaise vis with Data Group/IMAT links for new projects (Tom Griffin and SN) - TG brings links with ISIS for all data analysis and service together: feasibility study for a cloud type of system (data / sw rendering / SCARF etc…) being undertaken.
  • Vis links with CLF-HPL (Ceri/Ric) to look at tomography options (MT and SN) including laser-driven x-ray imaging. Emailed contacts and details are on HIP wiki
  • Improved links with new SESC (MT and all to chase) Including links with SSI
  • <strike>Relink with Vis at DL – specifically Hartree and VEC (MT) - weekly meeting (Mon 11am) reinstated. </strike>Inlcudes description of Phase 3 projects for Hartree (email to Paul Sherwood)
  • Invite users to exploit AVF who were at the Open Day on a repeat/regular basis (MT/SN). Sri to take users to the screen. from the App Div.
    • Public engagement review - (SN to liasise for team and MT for poster)
    • Utilisation (forward looking review)
  • CCP listservs to include MT (RF)
  • CCP PET-MR deliverables (RF)
    • websites etc.
    • a simple demonstrator:- RF and EO when return
  • CCPi deliverables and transfer items (SN)
    • case studies (MT)
    • SN uploaded code for Diamond reconstruction within Avizo – UoM to upload new data test with visit. SN to contact Rob regarding Zeiss instrument integration before beginning of Sep. [DLS: datasets NeXuS file missing scalesize - been fixed?] Wed in RAL/ Thu MAN / RAL - Fri
    • Carousel is being built in DLS:- pink beam for mixed ranges: 5 August 2015

    • CCPi deliverables: Minutes and actions coming from CCP SP meeting and Items from last meeting (see below) Actions by Aug 28 2015

      CCPi phase 2: transfer of staffing roles and new website

  • savu: (Nicola and Mark) and Erica - meet, benchmarking - pHDF5 reader/writers issue,
  • ISIS/IMAT update:- EY, end-to-end testing through mantid etc., whitebeam tomography works, and construct (energy selective 4D datasets in Sep - winfried and erica). data flow managed on SCARF and archive (ICAT). Friendly users from sep 2015; real users from Sep 2016 (call in Apr 2016)

    • ISIS / IMAT :- backup plan (B) being implemented;
  • 3DSim update (SN/EO): Contract: code is to be billed, meeting planned with Mike C-R - Wed meeting (SN/EO); Possible trip to Utah.

Other Items:

  • New network “Global Challenge Network+ in Advanced Radiotherapy” on the wiki:
  • Unilever project site to be updated; MT
  • Comprehensive Spending Review:- 10m where is this being spent
  • long term resources for support in DLS: and in ULTRA3 (2016-2017)
  • Survey results (where to send them) MT to send example

-- MartinTurner - 05 Aug 2015

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