Rolling Items:


  • Generic statement "The CCPi software and novel methods allow reconstruction from highly undersampled and corrupted by acquisition artifacts tomographic projection data. Through efficient implementation and parallelisation strategies, the CCPi software now provides fast and reliable access to reconstructed data and image analysis for material science."
  • "CCPi software has made ice-cream taste nicer! CCPi Flagship code has been essential to process and resolve higher spatial and temporal resolutions for X-Ray CT; only possible through the use of iterative algorithms now incorporated within the CCPi toolkit. Extreme physical situations have allowed us to do 4D imaging for alloys; resolving dendritic processes; as well as 4D imaging for ice-cream resolving crystallisation processes; both never seen before in such detail." DK
  • "Tomography has a 'future' Exa-scale computing problem to combine time and space in one iterative reconstruction computation process - resulting data set alone will be a dense 24 bit grey level 4k^{4} array - continuous temporal data capture involving infinite scan samples systems with a golden angle lab setup is a CCPi achieved milestone allong this route; Parmesh Gajjar's work in this now allows us to do fast time lapse crystal growth studies in the lab." MT Paper, videos and data sets being released

Need quotes from

  • DLS and
  • ISIS

An issue from CGLS etc from MXIF (12/6/18) is a need for speed in comparison to FBP techniques.

New List:

  • Publications here:*&sortby=year&order=desc
  • ...
  • ... old ones
  • ...
  • SCD Highlights article - “Touching Tiled Displays: experiences from the Visualisation Group in designing, building and installing interactive systems” (due 4/9/15 SN)
  • Wi-WON seminar (MT) for 28/10/15
  • Licenses with Hartree: circulate list, Rob Allan and Peter Kaye
  • DL open week items: 4-9 July 2016
  • Phase 1 to Phase 2 idataplex transfer - need to move the two GPU nodes: Unilever project, SoFT + new CFD - CCP
  • Description of islands of capability on hartree inc a vis island
  • CFD on new CCP and old SoFT project.
  • Work for ISIS on Facilities funds is being considered. Potential three months funding until end of financial year.
  • BlueJeans setup at AVF:- check quality in system (MT send details of conference-speaker usb system)
  • @Sri meeting with James from NERC on oceanographic modelling and regarding idea of computation steering and remote visualisation.
  • Matlab licenses and laptop
  • STFC tablecloth plus leaflets MT, plus visitors Friday afternoon in RAL early 2pm.
  • Avizo license for K Dobson (MT) on eduserv: as well as STFC (SN - 20 tokens, 50K - 30K DLS?? 5K ISIS CLF Hartree??).
  • Drishti/prayog - interactive subgroup (Action MT to email) liaise with Kate Meade: Post meeting planned. Who is coming to ToScA. New planned meeting for WG session.

  • ToScA leaflets:- southampton; QMUC ...
  • YouTube - login access: Action SN YouTube videos CCPi (branding) - test SN/MT
  • update CCPPETMR wiki to be updated: (MT / RF).
  • <strike>website for CCP: MT ongoing with Damian </strike>
  • Liaise vis with Data Group/IMAT links for new projects (Tom Griffin and SN) - TG brings links with ISIS for all data analysis and service together: feasibility study for a cloud type of system (data / sw rendering / SCARF etc…) being undertaken. Links with CCPPET-MR are possible - from a Cloud link to SCARF or a virtual machine for CLF job submission. Cross links with Hartree. Deadlines 7 Sep and Xmas Eve
  • Vis links with CLF-HPL (Ceri/Ric) to look at tomography options (MT and SN) including laser-driven x-ray imaging. Emailed contacts and details are on HIP wiki ACTION: MT to email and meet at ToScA.
  • Improved links with new SESC (MT and all to chase) Including links with SSI - OpenFOAM (2.4) (Ext 3.1) meeting booked for Autumn (October). Software Carpentry skills - link CCP list (MT).
  • Relink with Vis at DL – specifically Hartree and VEC (MT) - weekly meeting (Mon 11am) reinstated. Includes description of Phase 3 projects for Hartree (email to Paul Sherwood) Action MT: Roger and Colin and Paul S.
  • Invite users to exploit AVF who were at the Open Day on a repeat/regular basis (MT/SN). Sri to take users to the screen: from the App Div.
  • Remote vis for OSPRay/ParaView etc for IMAT and Hartree phase 3:-
    • Public engagement review - (SN to liasise for team and MT for poster) - six month rolling plan for STFC touchable units.
    • Utilisation (forward looking review) - ACTION fill in spreadsheet on project form
  • CCP listservs to include MT (RF)
  • ESA spin-off companies; visualisation VR (Occulus RIFT type technology) demonstrators:-
    • show-and-tell event (extend our group to CCPi-industry): volume visualisation? Mobile Phone etc... Q1 2016
  • CCP PET-MR deliverables (RF)
    • websites etc. waiting for the update to be copied onto the website (Damian)
    • a simple demonstrator:- RF and EO for 7 Sep.
  • CCPi deliverables and transfer items (SN)
    • Action: case studies (MT) by August
    • SN uploaded code for Diamond reconstruction within Avizo – UoM to upload new data test with visit (Mostly) WORKING. SN to contact Rob regarding Zeiss instrument integration before beginning of Sep. [DLS: datasets NeXuS file missing scalesize - been fixed?]
    • Tristan: network testing - for two machines UoM and RAL: due August (poss remote access).
    • Carousel is being built in DLS:- pink beam for mixed ranges: 5 August 2015 (ongoing RF)

      • waiting for the data to be analyzed and information from Loic.
    • CCPi deliverables: Minutes and actions coming from CCP SP meeting and Items from last meeting (see below) Actions by Aug 28 2015

    • CCPi phase 2: transfer of staffing roles and new website

  • savu: (Nicola and Mark) and Erica - meet, benchmarking - pHDF5 reader/writers issue
  • ISIS/IMAT update:- EY, end-to-end testing through mantid etc., whitebeam tomography works, and construct (energy selective 4D datasets in Sep - winfried and erica). data flow managed on SCARF and archive (ICAT). Friendly users from sep 2015; real users from Sep 2016 (call in Apr 2016)

    • ISIS / IMAT :- backup plan (B) being implemented.
  • 3DSim update (SN/EO): Contract: code is to be billed, meeting planned with Mike C-R - meeting (SN/EO); Possible trip to Utah.
    • recontsct for a demonstration.
  • RMetS workshop. Register in WebEx (RF)
  • Investigating/Evaluating Touch Screen for the IMAT project (SN)

Other Items:

  • New network “Global Challenge Network+ in Advanced Radiotherapy” on the wiki:
  • Unilever project site to be updated; MT
  • Comprehensive Spending Review:- 10m where is this being spent
  • long term resources for support in DLS: and in ULTRA3 (2016-2017)
  • Survey results (where to send them) MT to send example


- Ospray (IMAT use case) paraview plugin installed and a windows plug-in(SN)

- NICE/ intros possible aero-use case with Virtalis

- NEMO :- Shirley Crompton (GUI development): end of Oct for SN contract

- Videowall hw guys: vendors visit; TV1 (video wall controllers) week 17/8/15



-- MartinTurner - 05 Aug 2015

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